YZ15T Medium Flow Rate Pump Head

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Optimized exterior design

The YZ15T pump head adds a rear cover design to enhance product integrity. The appearance is simple and generous, and the curved lines are more powerful. The independent small cover facial mask is also added on the rear cover plate, making the product more standardized.
■  Increase the gap adjustment structure of the pressure tube to improve its applicability.
By adjusting the screws on the top of the pump head, the pressure tube gap can be adjusted, making the pump head more suitable for various tubes of different specifications, improving pressure, enhancing the applicability of the pump head, and extending the service life of the tubes.
Note: This adjustment screw has been adjusted before leaving the factory. We suggest that you do not adjust it yourself. If you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with timely service.
■  Unique tube clamp linkage mechanism enhances the convenience of tube installation
By adding a tube clamp linkage mechanism, the tube clamp is retracted towards the inner side of the tube clamp groove when the pressure block is opened, achieving simultaneous
opening of the pressure block and tube clamp, improving the convenience of tube installation, reducing operational difficulty, and improving work efficiency. This structure has been
granted a patent with patent number CN215860728U.
■  Adaptive clamping device:
This device can automatically adapt to the use of tubes with different inner diameters, without the need for manual adjustment, making the use of the product more convenient.
■  Classic pump head opening method:
Can quickly replace tubes in just a few seconds, greatly improving product efficiency and convenience.
■  PPS material shell:
This material has the characteristics of resistance to organic solvents and other corrosive liquids, greatly improving the durability and corrosion resistance of the
■ Stainless steel roller:
This roller can meet the high-strength usage requirements of the pump head at high speeds and for long periods of time, while also having a long service life.
■  Support multi-channels pump head:
This pump head supports cascading use of multiple pump heads and can be expanded to up to 10 channels.
Note: When two pump heads are connected in series, the rollers are staggered at 60 °, which can effectively reduce fluid pulsation and improve transmission speed.


Patent design: tube clamp linkage mechanism




Flow Rate

Tube material: Silicone,Pharmed,Viton,Tygon E-3603, Tygon Chemical,Tygon A-60-F,Tygon A-60-G .  Wall thickness:1.6mm

Tube Material Tube Flow rate (mL/min)
30rpm 60rpm 100rpm 300rpm 600rpm
Silicone 13# 2.1 4.2 7.0 21.1 41.0
14# 7.9 15.6 26.4 79.1 158.5
19# 16.2 31.7 53.9 161.6 331.1
16# 28.2 54.9 94.1 282.4 572.5
25# 60.4 116.2 201.2 603.7 1201.6
17# 94.1 174.7 313.7 941.1 1728.5
18# 141.1 255.6 470.2 1410.6 2479.1
Pharmed 13# 1.9 3.7 6.2 18.6 37.2
14# 8.0 15.9 26.7 80.1 162.5
19# 16.6 28.2 55.3 165.9 338.6
16# 22.8 55.9 76.1 228.2 598.4
25# 57.3 110.8 190.9 592.7 1169.6
17# 88.8 170.9 296.0 888.1 1832.5
18# 130.0 243.5 433.3 1299.9 2817.8

The above flow data are all obtained from the transfer of pure water using YZ15T-3 pump head (3 rollers)under normal temperature and pressure conditions in the Lead Fluid laboratory.
This data is for reference only.


Channel: 1 (Max expand to 10 channels)
Roller: 3/6
Tubing Method: Fixation of pump head tube clamp
Pressure Tube Clearance: Adjustable
Pump Head Material: PPS+PP+PA66+metal
Roller Material: S304
Dimension: 95.7×108.7×63.1 mm
Working environment:  Temperature 0-40℃, humidity<80%RH
Bear Liquid Temperature: Within 200℃
Corrosion Resistance: Resistant to most acid, alkali, salt liquids and organic solvents.


Dimensions (mm)

More Information
Flow Rate9-6000 mL/min
Max No. of Channels1 Channel
Max Speed600 rpm
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